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4 FREE classes per month offered at local universities with case studies that show you how to reach your retirement goals.

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Financial Advisor


A successful retirement is best enabled by one thing: Income for life.

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Financial Advisor


Our motto: Losses hurt you more than gains help you™

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Scott BooksA Personal Message From Scott Brooks

I started teaching retirement education classes in 1998 at Mizzou.

Since then I have helped hundreds of Missouri residents enter or plan for their retirement, arrange for the (THEIR) long term care needs, and leave a legacy behind for their heirs.

My underlying philosophy when it comes to retirement financial planning is that losses hurt you more than gains help you™. It's not enough to simply leave your money in the stock market and hope that the next 50% drawdown doesn't hit right when you are planning to retire.

Everything about retirement planning that I have learned in my 3 decades of experience is FREE to the public at any one of my classes. Feel free to browse this site and sign up for the next class that is convenient for you.

-Scott Brooks

Fun facts


57 percent of investors have not set financial goals


67 percent of people have no financial plan.

Gut Instincts

77 percent of investors are making decisions on gut instinct.

investment knowledge

20 percent of investors claim that their investment knowledge is very strong.